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RE: Insane Yixian theropod diversity

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> David Marjanovic
> > vs.
> >
> > Some Token Herbivores, represented by:
> > Hongshanosaurus, Jeholosaurus, Jinzhousaurus, Liaoningosaurus, and maybe
> > sauropod fragments.
> And *Psittacosaurus* and *Liaoceratops* (again mixing the two faunas, I
> think). In addition *Beipiaosaurus* and *Incisivosaurus* were likewise
> herbivores, so they fall out of the theropod side of a
> predator-prey ratio.
> > Or is it actually representative of the Yixian fauna? Can we even tell?
> At the current state of affairs -- unknown number of diggers,
> uncoordinated
> digging activities, widespread smuggling, far too few scientists
> to keep up
> with the discoveries -- I think we can't tell.

And don't forget the fact that there are lots of mammals, lizards, other
reptiles, etc. in the assemblage. So far, the Yixian carnivorous theropods
are not of a size that prevents them from being feeders on non-dinosaurs (in
contrast to, for example, Allosaurus or Tyrannosaurus, which really didn't
have the option of too many non-dino meals as adults...).

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