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Re: Feathered tyrannosauroids; it's delightful, it's delicious...

Thomas J. Holtz, Jr wrote:

Adding it to the latest version of my matrix (okay, I've only gotten the
cranial characters input so far), it comes out as a basal tyrannosauroid
above Stokesosaurus, in a polytomy with Eotyrannus, and below Dryptosaurus,
another taxon, and Tyrannosauridae proper.

I hope this isn't a nit-picking question... I'm just curious if this analysis included a tentatively referred basicranium (UUVP 2455) in the hypodigm for _Stokesosaurus_. This Late Jurassic basicranium looks like it belongs to a tyrannosaurid, and it is anteroposteriorly short as in tyrannosaurids proper. Interestingly,_Dilong_ is described as having a braincase that is anteroposteriorly longer than that of later tyrannosaurids.

And where does _Aviatyrannis_ fall out? I know, I know... wait for the paper (or the conference... or the proceedings of the conference...) :-)

A marvelous discovery, this _Dilong_. Apparently in Chinese mythology, "Dilong" are earth dragons that presided over rivers and streams. According to some versions, they are the female counterpart of the Shenlong, and they fly only in order to mate.


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