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Shunosaurus new species???

Dear Listmembers in a recent Google-search for Shunosaurus-skull-image I've
found a photos of a Shunosaurus's skull which is assigned to a second
(apparently new and older) species, _Shunosaurus ziliujingensis_ in the text
that follow the photos is argued that this species is more lightly
constructed and it's teeth are somewhat longer. The cutting edge of these
teeth is serrated indicating that they were probably able to cut their food
more effectively while eating. It's teeth indicating that _Shunosaurus
ziliujingensis_ is one of the omnivorous members in the genus.
This same species was mentioned also by Donald Glut in his first volume of
"Dinosaur the Encyclopedia" as being from the ?lower Jurassic of  Ziliujing
Formation of the Sichuan Basin, and that it was mentioned but not described
in a "Brief Display Introduction of the Zigong Museum" anonymously written,
possibly in 1986. And mentioned that the remains of a subadult of this
species was on display.
Please, there're someone on the list that have further information about
this "possibly" new Shunosaurus's species??

If someone are interesting I can send the photos of the skull off-list.

Alessandro Marisa
Via A. grandi n.18
email: amaris@tin.it
or: iguanodontia@yahoo.it