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Bambiraptor and dromaeosaurid questions

Dear DML members!

   I'm doing a skeletal reconstuction of Bambiraptor. I based the skeleton 
mostly on the following paper 
 Burnham (2004) New information on Bambiraptor feinbergi (Theropoda: 
Dromaeosauridae) from the Late Cretaceous of Montana.In: Feathered Dragons: 
Studies on the Transition from Dinosaurs to Birds, (eds. by Currie, P.J., 
Koppelhus, E.B., Shugar, M.A. and Wright, J.L. pp. 67-111.
as well as photos of Bambiraptor from AMNH site. 
   I have some problems doing this reconstruction. How many caudals, gastralia 
pairs and sclerotic plates had other dromaeosaurids? Could anyone send me pdf's 
or a scans of these papers?
  Burnham,D.A., Derstler, K.L., and Linster, C.J. (1997) A new specimen of 
Velociraptor (Dinosauria:Theropoda) from the Two Medicine Formation of Montana. 
Dinofest International Proceedings 1997. pp. 73-75 
  Burnham, D. A., Derstler, K. L., Currie, P. J., Bakker, R. T., Zhou Z. & 
Ostrom J. H. (2000). "Remarkable new birdlike dinosaur (Theropoda: Maniraptora) 
from the Upper Cretaceous of Montana," University of Kansas Paleontological 
Contributions 13: 1-14.  
Thanks a lot in advance!

email: geramirantsev@mail.ru