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The Holy of Holies... Dinosauria II


Some time ago Patti mentioned that the editors had gotten their copies of
the 2nd Edition of Dinosauria. I can happily report that the authors have
started to get theirs!

The data tables for the many phylogenetic analyses (and the
paleobiogeographic analyses) will be available online at
http://dinosauria.ucpress.edu. However, that link right now just redirects
to the order page for the book.

It is interesting to see what people managed to slip in during the final
edits of a few chapters... There is a tiny number of 2004 references, even
though most chapters have information no more recent than c. early 2003.

Far too much to go into now in terms of details. I've already noted a typo
or two in my own stuff (including a pretty bad gaffe in terms of a
phylogenetic definition...). Some chapters have entirely original
illustrations, although many include scans of previously published work.

I note that Osmolska et al. regard Rinchenia as a legit name coined in
Barsbold 1997 (his Encyclopedia of Dinos chapter).

Here's a list of authors and topics:
Foreword and Introductions by Weishampel, Dodson & Osmolska
Origin and Relationships of dinos by Benton
Saurischia by Holtz & Osmolska (originally going to be just "Theropoda"
until the final edit...)
Basal Saurischia by Langer
Ceratosauria by Tykoski and Rowe (includes Coelophysoidea)
Basal Tetanurae by Holtz, Molnar & Currie (yep, a chapter on everything from
Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus to Skippy and Sinosauropteryx... Finally, the
"Rapator as possible alvarezsaurid" hypothesis in print)
Tyrannosauroidea by Holtz (sorry, Aviatyrannis and Dilong didn't make it in
Ornithomimosauria by Makovicky, Kobayashi & Currie
Therizinosauroidea by Clark, Maryanska & Barsbold
Oviraptorosauria by Osmolska, Currie & Barsbold
Troodontidae by Makovicky & Norell
Dromaeosauridae by Norell & Makovicky
Basal Avialae by Padian (includes Alvarezsauridae)
Prosauropoda by Galton and Upchurch
Sauropoda by Upchurch, Barrett & Dodson
Ornithischia by Weishampel
Basal Ornithischia by Norman, Witmer & Weishampel (Pisanosaurus might well
be a chimera!!)
Basal Thyreophora by Norman, Witmer & Weishampel
Stegosauria by Galton & Upchurch
Ankylosauria by Vickaryous, Maryanska & Weishampel
Basal Ornithopoda by Norman, Sues, Witmer & Coria
Basal Iguanodontia by Norman
Hadrosauridae by Horner, Weishampel & Forster (Anatotitan copei sunk into
Edmontosaurus annectens!?! Urk!)
Pachycephalosauria by Maryanska, Chapman & Weishampel
Basal Ceratopsia by You & Dodson
Ceratopsidae by Dodson, Forster & Sampson
Dinosaur Distribution by Weishampel, Barrett, Coria, Le Loeuff, Xu, Zhao,
Sahni, Gomani & Noto (includes ichnofossils)
Dinosaur Taphonomy by Fiorillo & Eberth
Dinosaur Paleoecology by Fastovksy & Smith
Mesozoic Biogeography of Dinosauria by Holtz, Chapman & Lamanna
Physiology of Nonavian Dinosaurs by Chinsamny & Hillenius
Dinosaur Physiology by Padian & Horner
Dinosaur Extinction by Archibald & Fastovsky

Needless to say, everyone serious about dinosaurs has to get a copy of this

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