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RE: It's Mei day!!

Michael de Sosa wrote:

Interesting that the two shortest dinosaur names both start with M- and end in -i, hmmm? Well, kinda interesting.

There's also _Khaan_. Only 5 letters too - and one syllable.

Thomas J. Holtz, Jr wrote:

That's right, the genus name is _Mei_: I don't know if there are any two-letter bird generic names, but this is definitely the shortest non-avian dinosaur genus name!

I don't know of any two-letter bird names. Nor of any three-letter bird names, for that matter (though there are plenty of four-letter bird genus names).

There are two-letter genus names out there: _Ia_ (bat), _Io_ (snail), _La_ (moth), _Lo_ (rabbitfish), _Aa_ (orchid). No birds, AFAIK.

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