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re: altricial nestlings, PS


Of course, pterosaurs might have grown bones exactly like birds grow
bones, via redeposition from embryo on up, but then there would still be
that woven pattern that you see on pterosaur long bones left
unexplained. However, if we attribute the weave to a unique method of
bone growth and deposition, hypothetically speaking, of course, than no
stones are left unturned.

I guess it all comes down, once again, to parsimony, in matters we may
never ever see or fully understand. And like a husband coming home with
lipstick on his collar, we're just looking for an explanation, any
explanation, that covers all the bases -- an airtight alibi, if you

Better explanations are always sought!

And D. Marjanovics still owes me/us some pterosaur baby + mama sketches
or tight descriptions. Just throwing two genera into a ring is not good
enough. I want museum numbers and parsimony.

David Peters
St. Louis