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Re: It's Mei day!!

Jaime A. Headden wrote-

>   10. depression on the ventral surface of the postorbital process of the
> laterosphenoid (221.1) [coded as present in "*Ingenia,*" *Caudipteryx,*
> *Stenonychosaurus* (aka, *Troodon*), *Saurornithoides junior,* and
> *Sinovenator,* so it shows up in non oviraptorids coded and several of the
> preserved relevant areas for troodontids known ... it is listed as unknown
> for *Mei,* and given the figures and preparation, it would be premature to
> code it otherwise.];

Just wanted to note that Xu and Norell code both Caudipteryx and Ingenia as
unknown for this character, so that Sinovenator, Saurornithoides junior and
Troodon are the only taxa coded as derived for this character.

Mickey Mortimer
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