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woven bone

Jaime wrote:

An explanation for "woven" bone texture:

  "Woven" bone texture is expected for all tetrapod neonates, as this is
the matrix for collagen and calcite formation of mature bone, prior to the
development of the periosteum. Woven bone texture has been noted in
crocodilians, birds, frogs, salamanders, fish, and even mammals .. [more].

Good info worthy of note. 

The key features of woven bone in pterosaurs, however, and what makes it unique 
to this taxon, are the twin facts that the pattern of woven bone persists in 
adult pterosaurs and that the weave is organized, like basket weaving. It is 
disorganized, like fiberglass before the resin is applied, in other tetrapods. 

Hope this helps.

David Peters
St. Louis