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Fwd: Re: The Holy of Holies... Dinosauria II

Reply from Mike Brett-Surman regarding Anatotitan. I agree with him having look 
at the specimens before:

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>>> "Michael Brett-Surman" <Brett-Surman.Michael@NMNH.SI.EDU> 14/Oct/04 >>>

As to the sinking of Anatotitan - somebody was bound to do it someday. The 
"character" of crushing is an invalid character. There are other synapomorphies 
that keep it separate, such as diastema longer than dentary tooth row length, 
quadrate/mandible length ratio, etc.. After about ten to fifteen years, a 
splitter will resurrect it again. The synonymy of Anatotitan will become the 
"Brontosaurus" of the 21st Century.