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Re: Paper on drepanosaurids

> Senter, P. 2004. Phylogeny of Drepanosauridae (Reptilia: Diapsida).
> of Systematic Palaeontology 2 (3): 257-268.
> Available for Fwee!

Only the abstract.

And how those people manage to think anyone would pay practically the worth
of twelve pounds of Sterling silver for 11 pages of paper or pdf is beyond

> "Phylogenetic analysis reveals that the Triassic diapsid family
> Drepanosauridae is closely related to Coelurosauravus and Longisquama.
> These three taxa are part of a clade for which the name Avicephala
> (defined as all taxa more closely related to Coelurosauravus and
> Megalancosaurus than to Neodiapsida) is coined.

Avimorph thecodonts! Avimorph thecodonts! Avimorph thecodonts! :-D
Not quite like *Copeanus* or *Dinohyus hollandi*, that name, but... B-)

> The name Simiosauria is erected for the clade composed of all taxa more
> closely related to Drepanosauridae than to Coelurosauravus or Sauria.

Hey, how fitting, it's the Year of the Monkey. :o)

> 0--Palaeothyris
>  `--+--Petrolacosaurus
>     `--+--Avicephala
>        |        |--+--Longisquama
>        |        |  `--Coelurosauravus
>        |        `--Drepanosauridae
>        `--+--Youngina

Wow. This gives Neodiapsida its intended meaning back.

>     Forgive my ignorance, but what sort of a beastie is _Mesosuchus_?

A basal rhynchosaur. It has all the characteristic skull distortions, but to
slight extents.