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Dino skeleton demontage/montage


Thanks to rather generous funding from the European Commission and the Lotto 
the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is about to embark on a major refurbishment of 
the museum exhibitions. One of the main projects will concern the Dinosaur 
Hall, home of the bow-legged Brachiosaurus. We plan to demount all the dinosaur 
and other skeletons in this hall in early 2005 and remount them in late 2006 or 
early 2007, but in a different layout and in new poses.

My request here is for the names and addresses of any groups, museums, 
companies or firms, anywhere in the world, that carry out this type of 
demounting/remounting work (if there is a website that lists such firms this 
would also be very helpful). I already have a brief list but would like to make 
sure that no one is left out. So, if you know of someone who does this type of 
work, or maybe even work for such a unit yourself, please send me the details. 

Many thanks in advance for any help that is given.


Dave Unwin 

David M. Unwin PhD

Institut fur Palaontologie, MUSEUM FUR NATURKUNDE 
Zentralinstitut der Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
Invalidenstrasse 43, D-10115 Berlin, GERMANY

Email: david.unwin@rz.hu-berlin.de

Telephone numbers:
0049 30 2093 8577 (office)
0049 30 2093 8862 (department secretary)
0049 30 2093 8868 (fax)