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Re: The Holy of Holies... Dinosauria II

Quoting "Jonathan R. Wagner" <jonathan.r.wagner@mail.utexas.edu>:

> >The third possibility is a two genus solution a la Wright and Lull, with
> >Edmontosaurus regalis and Anatosaurus annectens and Anatosaurus copei
> >(assuming the phylogeny is indeed regalis + (annectens + copei)).
> Or, for those of us who hate genera, nested clades: Edmontosaurus including
> regalis and Anatosaurus, Anatosaurus including annectens and copei.
> Personally, I think this is a little much, but that's because I hate genera.

Or just call them Edmontosaurus, Anatosaurus, and Anatotitan.  Screw the species

Nick Pharris
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan