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Re: "Sleeping Dragon" (Psittacosaurus)

AS the topic of sleeping Dragons is being discussed I
would like to ask about something I had been thinking
for a while.

The Psittacosaurus mongoliensis (I believe AMNH 6254
the type specimen?) is actually the first sleeping
dino to be uncovered. It has its tail curved around
just like Mei long or Saurornithoides and his hardly
in "death pose". One can speculate that the curved
tail of Psittacosaurus with the dense protofeathers on
it may have served to insulate the body when wrapped
around in this kind of a sleeping posture. That
sleeping crouch may hence predate the fundamental
dinosaurian split. Though the placing of the head
under the limb may have come later in theropods.
Would anyone agree?
I am sorry if this was discussed extensively on the
list before. I have had problems with mail.

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