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Re: Yandangornis

If these lumpings are correct, and if _Jeholornis_ is sunk into _Shenzhouraptor_ as a previous post points out:

"Ji Qiang, Ji Shu'an, You Hailu, Zhang Jianping, Zhang Hongbin, Zhang
Nanjun, Yuan Chongxi & Ji Xinxin, 2003. "An Early Cretaceous Avialan Bird, Shenzhouraptor sinensis from Western Liaoning, China," Acta Geologica Sinica 77(1): 21-26 [March 2003].
The latter sinks Jeholornis prima as a junior subjective synonym of Shenzhouraptor sinensis by publication priority (July 15, 2002 versus July 25, 2002). "

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Only to tell that Dr. Zhonghe Zhou wrote to me that it consider Yandangornis and Jixiangornis synonim of Jeholornis.
Probably for Jixiangornis he is right, but if I remember correctly the fore and hind limb proportions of Yandangornis are quite different.