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Anonymous Rex On SciFi Channel Nov. 13

Have seena couple of there commercials on the SciFi channel.





 Based on the acclaimed series of novels by Eric Garcia, the SCI FI
 Channel Original Movie Anonymous Rex offers a deadpan twist on the
 mystery genre. Directed by Julian Jarrold (Touching Evil, White Teeth,
 BBC/PBS' Great Expectations), Anonymous Rex goes underground to chronicle
 a secret society of the dinosaurs' descendants  adapted through evolution
 to human size and dimensions  living, loving and working today in
 disguise. A shape-shifting technology enables these modern day dinos to
 mask their true identities and co-exist with humans as "everyday people."

 Comprising a small percentage of the world's population, the
 dinosaurs' descendants have infiltrated every sector of life: They are
 doctors and lawyers, housewives and actors. In fact, keen private eye
 Vincent Rubio (Daniel Baldwin, Homicide: Life on the Street) is an
 evolved Velociraptor. Deeply affected by the "accidental" death of his
 detective partner and addicted to the herb basil, he's drawn into
 conspiracies that may provide an answer to his partner's untimely demise.
 Ultimately, Rex is a reflection of our own culture  our foibles and
 addictions, our dreams and loves  as illustrated by the experiences of a
 dinosaur living among us. 

Trailers look fun. Have no idea when it will be available for outside the