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smallest pterosaurs

I've posted a single picture of a lineup of the smallest pterosaurs along with 
a horsefly, one of the smallest bats (a European pipistelle) and a Cuban bee 
hummingbird, plus scale bars. 


All of these pterosaurs have traditionally been considered juveniles and nearly 
all are the same size. The notable exception is Wellnhofer's No. 6, which is 
only pelvis high to his No. 9. I don't think any of these taxa have been 
included in prior cladistic analyses.

All are as large or larger than the smallest hummingbird and bat. 

Some have a long snout. Some have small eyes. Their cladistic affiliations are 
also noted -- and they're all over the cladogram.

If these pterosaurs are juveniles, how can we tell? What is the dead give-away 
character that they all have in common -- other than small size -- which 
appears here to be invalidated as a character by the analogous examples of the 
adult bird and bat.

David Peters
St. Louis