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"Feathered dinosaurs" -need info

Good day!
I've been always upset with the semestral plans. I'm studying biology on 
University, and we learn a lot about molecular biology, agrobiology, genetics, 
virology, parazitology, geology, mineralogy, botany and zoology....but much 
less about paleontology, not speaking about dinosaurs. (As for my second 
subject, History: we started in the early Pleistocene with Homo habilis, no 
mention about Australopithecines whatsoever, ...well my favourite period is the 
Roman Empire, anyhow). Some two-thirds of my schoolmates even don't know that 
birds are descended from dinosaurs! Can they be aware of the new finds from 
Liaoning and elsewhere, changing profoundly our view of the phylogenesis, with 
so many implications for the whole (at least systematic) biology? No. Dinosaurs 
were slowly, bulky reptiles, unable to resist even a small environmental 
changes, predestinating them to go extinct. So I decided to change that. Why to 
know everything about, say, acarids, when you donť have an idea, what kind
 of dominating megafauna inhabited this planet for more than 160 Ma. I'm 
preparing a semestral work, in which I'd like to introduce my class progress in 
dinosaur-related research from the last 8 years, esp. info on "feathery 
dinosaurs" (from _Sinosauropteryx prima_ to _Mei long_). I know whare to find 
many informations on various problems concerning this topic, but is there any 
general overview that can be freely used? Thanks in advance, Vlad