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Dinosaurs In Canada's Arctic Regions


Arctic mystery no longer: Dinosaurs walked Canada's great north

 October 05, 2004

Hans Larsson, a McGill University paleontologist, has found physical proof
that Canada's Arctic regions once had a Jurassic era. Scientists have
suspected that dinosaurs lived in Canada's great north eons ago, yet it
remained an unproven theory, since no bones had ever been uncovered.

Not anymore. Larsson has discovered tyrannosaurus dinosaur bones, which
until now had only been located in Canada's prairie provinces, as well as
in the western United States. "We were able to clarify that dinosaurs
large predatory dinosaurs  and a great variety of plants lived in the High
Arctic," he says.

"We found dinosaur remains, as well as fern and tree fossils," continues
Larsson, who walked up to 25 kilometres per day for one month with his
research team to locate bones during the summer of 2003 and 2004. "You
wouldn't expect it, yet dinosaurs and a great variety of plants lived in
the High Arctic 240 to 65 million years ago."