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Re: "Feathered dinosaurs" -need info

See http://www.dinodata.net/Dd/Namelist/Form/Liaoning.htm and http://www.sinofossa.org/news.htm for starters.

The 2001 book, _Rise of the Dragon: Readings from Nature on the Chinese Fossil Record_ has duplicates of some of the earlier feathered dinosaur discoveries published in the journal, _Nature_ (including _Sinosauropteryx_, _Protarchaeopteryx_, _Caudipteryx_, and _Sinornithosaurus_). Needless to say, many new specimens have come to light since this book was published. If you or your institution have _Nature_ in your library or on line access to _Nature_, you may be able to get your hands on many more such articles.

China Scientific Book Services, at www.hceis.com, offers a couple of "coffee table books" on the subject, with big, beautiful photos and paintings of the feathered dinosaurs and other fossil specimens, but these books tend to be short on text. You can see a couple of these at http://www.hceis.com/research.asp if you search on "Subject: Jehol." This is the only source for these books.

There have been a number of books which have published something on these finds, but no truly thorough and well-illustrated up-to-date volumes exist. On the plus side, this is in part because the discoveries and papers are coming so fast that any book on the subject will be "incomplete" before it reaches the printing press.

Obviously, "Google" searches will get you many results, too.  Happy surfing!

Unfortunately, there is no central clearing house with free on line access to every image and article you might desire!

I hope this helps.