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Re: Monoclonius recurvicornis..a new generic name

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 23:15:41 +0200, heby@libero.it <heby@libero.it> wrote:

> The "M." recurvicornis is often regarded as an indeterminate ceratopsid,

Dodson (1990) refers it to Chasmosaurinae indet.

> The suprahorbital horn are 210 mm high, completely erect, and slighty 
> procurved, >totally different from Chasmosaurus (the only chasmosaurine with 
> short >supraorbital horn)

The horns of Chasmosaurus could get to be quite long.  See C.
mariscalensis, C. kaiseni, and the like.

>the horn is split in two halves

It's damaged.

>In front of right eyes there is an unespected formation: a small
procurved hornlet; >the left side is no preserved, so one can't tell
if that horn was pathologic.

If you're not sure, then why suggest it's a character that can be used
to support a new genus?

> Unfortunately the frill is no preserved.

This is normally what you'd want if you're going to diagnose a new
species of chasmosaurine.

Sorry, but I'd say you're out of luck on this one. :-(


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