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Paleontologists strip for science

"Is that a fossil tibia I see, or are you just glad to...."


Rock buffs strip for scholarships
09:39 PM CDT on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 

Fossil buffs in the buff are the stars of a new calendar published by the 
Dallas Paleontological Society to raise money for students. 

Other groups have parodied the idea of the movie Calendar Girls, in which aging 
British women take it all off for cancer research. But firefighters and 
gardeners are one thing; paleontologists are another. 

The idea originally flashed into the mind of Velma Urbano Garza, the society's 
director of programs. Returning from a Big Bend vacation, she showed a 
"Hometown Hunks" calendar, half in jest, to members of the executive board. 
They dropped everything. 

"Everybody went on a diet quick," Urbano Garza said. 

Photo shoots took place this summer, exposing society members amid the natural 
beauty of fossil-hunting sites at Lake Grapevine, the Red River, the North 
Sulphur River and elsewhere. Through sales, the group hopes to raise $17,000 
for scholarships. DMN 


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