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Re: Paleontologists strip for science

See: http://www.dallaspaleo.org/news/dps_cal2004.htm
for the cover of the calendar--$23 including shipping. 

"Each month of the calendar contains a revealing but tasteful photo of a DPS 
member (men and women) in a fossil related scene. Dates of notable 
paleontological events are included in each month."


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>"Is that a fossil tibia I see, or are you just glad to...."
>Rock buffs strip for scholarships
>09:39 PM CDT on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 
>Fossil buffs in the buff are the stars of a new calendar published by the 
>Dallas Paleontological Society to raise money for students. 
>Other groups have parodied the idea of the movie Calendar Girls, in which 
>aging British women take it all off for cancer research. But firefighters and 
>gardeners are one thing; paleontologists are another. 
>The idea originally flashed into the mind of Velma Urbano Garza, the society's 
>director of programs. Returning from a Big Bend vacation, she showed a 
>"Hometown Hunks" calendar, half in jest, to members of the executive board. 
>They dropped everything. 
>"Everybody went on a diet quick," Urbano Garza said. 
>Photo shoots took place this summer, exposing society members amid the natural 
>beauty of fossil-hunting sites at Lake Grapevine, the Red River, the North 
>Sulphur River and elsewhere. Through sales, the group hopes to raise $17,000 
>for scholarships. DMN