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Senter, P. 2004

Senter, P.  2004
Phylogeny of Drepanosauridae (Reptilia: Diapsida)

Previously the abstract has appeared on the list. A look at the text and 
figures reveals some errors. 

1. The taxa I, and others, found to be closest to the Drepanosauridae 
(Protorosaurus, Borepricea, Jesairosaurus) were not included. Most of the 
problems and major hurdles would go away with the inclusion of these three 
taxa. Only 20 taxa and 73 characters were included in Senter's analysis. Twice 
as many characters would help. 

As a result Longisquama + Coelurosauravus were found to be the outgroup to the 

2. The taxa I (Peters 2000) found to be closest to Longisquama (Sharovipteryx 
and the Pterosauria) were not included in Senter's analysis (ignored, according 
to him out of "laziness" [direct quote]).

If you don't invite the right taxa to 'the dance,' you end up with less than 
optimal results. Unfortunately, I don't think any of Senter's proposed clades 
nomenclature will prove valid or useful, and the relationships of the drepanos 
to others have not been elucidated.

His redefinition of 'Prolacertiformes' to include all taxa more closely related 
to Prolacerta than to Archosauriformes will probably only include Prolacerta. 
Protorosauria is the senior name for the clade to which Senter alluded and 
Protorosaurus is at its base.

Rieppel, O., Fraser, N.C. & Nosotti, S. 2003. The monophyly of Protorosauria 
(Reptilia, Archosauromorpha): a preliminary analysis. Atti  Societa Italiano 
Scienze Naturale Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, Milano 144(II): 359-382.

David Peters
St. Louis