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One old dromaeosaurid paper

Good day dear DML members

   Some time ago I got the following interesting paper:

   Y.V. Suslov, 1982, "[Dromaeosaurid unguals from the Upper Cretaceous
deposits of the Kyzl-Orda region]," Kazakhstana Akad. Nauk Kazokhskoy 
S.S.R. Inst. Zool. Mat. istorii fauny flory 8, pp 5-16. (In Russian)

Dromaeosauridae incertae sedis
Materials: IZ AS K    2/1 left manual ungual II
                      2/2 right pedal ungual III  
                      2/3 right pedal ungual II 
                      2/4 right manual ungual II  
                      2/5 right pedal ungual II
   Kyzl-Orda region, Shakh-skakh locality, the Upper Cretaceous.
   There are some mistakes in this paper (note that the paper is comparatively
old). For example Stenonychosaurus referred to Dromaeosaurids. 
   Shakh-skakh dromaeosaurid is lager than Deinonychus and Velociraptor and its 
pedal ungual II is more curved. I think Shakh-skakh dromaeosaurid may
related to Achillobator and Utahraptor.

   I tried to translate it into English but didn't finish my work.
   I make a *pdf* (sorry but poor quality - the original is also in bad 
condition) so if someone want it just ask me. 

Gera Mirantsev
email: geramirantev@mail.ru