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Re: what would happen if....?

on 10/16/04 8:21 PM, Dr. Darrin T. Milne B.Sc., D.C. at
dr.milne@sympatico.ca wrote:

> In the fictional book 'Evolution' by Stephen Baxter, he writes about a
> possible future (post-homo sapiens) where huge herbivores roam the earth
> which are the descendents of goats and cows (as well as rabbits now that I
> remember). While this is hypothetical, I was always under the impression
> that, if humans were to become suddenly extinct, certain extant domesticated
> species (specifically the cow) would follow because of their dependence on
> man. Does anyone have a idea if domesticated cows could become feral and
> ultimately survive in the absence of man?

It's my understanding that that's how the American Longhorn came into

For Donna:
There is a herd of wild burros that live in Cripple Creek, CO left over from
the mining days.  It's allowed to wander around town as some sort of
official mascot (it is illegal to kill them,) and I believe they round them
up once a year and give them moderate health care and race them.

For Brian:
Most domestic ferrets cannot live on their own in the wild; their hunting
instincts are not as strong as cats' or dogs'.  At least that's what the
ferret books say.

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