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Re: Cooper's Thesis

I'm not perfect, as any List members with long
memories and short tempers will know (Cooperseems to
have made a similar mistake to one I did on the
mailing list a couple of years ago, basing my
knowledge of ornithiscian phylogeny on twenty-year old
references), but I'm just going to comment on

"Specific items that invite disagreement include...the
removal of Yaverlindia (sic), a specimen found on the
Isle of Wight, from pachycephalosaurids"

Besides the spelling mistake (I can think of at least
one website she could have found the correct
spelling...), I may be wrong, but I've got it on good
authority that apart from Galton and Watson (1930,
Cited in Swinton, 1936), nobody who has actually
handled the original Yaverlandia specimen has come to
the conclusion that it belongs to a pachycephalosaur,
and the idea has been published as recently as 2000,
although I'm sure there is an earlier reference. The
only reason it stays in the pachycephalosauria after
all these years is due to the production of
"supertrees", based on others results. Yaverlandia was
only assigned to the pachycephalosauridae on the
flimsiest of features, but I've said this before quite

Alternatively, if you want a list of all the features
that make little Yav a pachy, here they are;

1) The frontals are thickened.
2) Erm...
3) That's it!

Plus, why has she waffled on about the periodic table
and titration levels? I know she has a point to make
(or maybe a word limit to reach?), but does she really
need the graph? 

And while I'm in proof-reader mode, She doesn't always
italicise genus names, but sometimes does for higer
taxa, such as marginiocephalia or ornithischia. We
would be deducted serious marks for that at the
universities I attended.  And she spelt Wealden

And finally, I'm just having a look at the abstract,
and noticed this (and I'm probably not the first)

"I thank Dr. Bruce Stallsmith for his patience with my

The chap must be a saint...

I've finished now. Next week lets pick on the
innacuracies in a seven year old girls poem about a
cake-eating "T-Rex".


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