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Re: Study: Platypus Retains Bird Sex Link

I'm sorry if you took offense, Tim.   I did not mean any.    I honestly did
not know that I was insulting humanity.

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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+AD4- Dora Smith wrote:
+AD4- +AD4-I understand that mammals are descended from a very primitive reptile
+AD4- +AD4-the foot of the reptile family tree.    Dinosaurs are very highly 
+AD4- +AD4-reptiles near the top fo the reptile family tree.   Birds belong to 
+AD4- +AD4-the major branches of dinosaurs, and they are highly evolved 
relative to
+AD4- +AD4-their feathered cousins.
+AD4- Huh?
+AD4- (As a cautionary note... it's often better to avoid loaded terms like
+AD4- primitive+ACI- and +ACI-highly evolved+ACI- when discussing evolution.)