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Holy Grail (was RE: New Homo Species)

> From: Danvarner@aol.com [mailto:Danvarner@aol.com]
> tholtz@geol.umd.edu (Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.) writes:
> <<  >        AOL News is calling it "The Fossil Find Of The Century", but
> they may
> > be jumping the gun a tad. DV
> Well, to be fair, this is big stuff for paleoanthropology. And it is a new
> century and all... :-) >>
>        C'mon, Tom! You know that Tyrannosaurus mummy is out there somewhere
> just an inch below the surface-you can smell it... The Grail! DV

You mean the one that was buried with its deathgrip on a fully adult 
Triceratops?  Yeah, it's out there somewhere...

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