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Re: New Homo Species!!?

">        C'mon, Tom! You know that Tyrannosaurus mummy is out there
> somewhere
> just an inch below the surface-you can smell it... The Grail! DV

What was that about tyrannosaurs in northern Canada . . . .

Yeh, I met one the other day...
I mean this is, ...Big, really Big!!
This is probably up there with feathured dinosaurs in terms of impact.
Paleoanthropologists are going to tear each other to bits over this for the
next sixty years.

So, I am thinking:
-... is it real?
-380cc, can you have language with that? (What is possible assuming this is
a reduced specialization of language/fire capable humans and/or H. erectus),
(does this imply recent post oldewan divergence?)
-Possibly hafted tools, hafting implies a haft. Haft!
-Is it possible this could be another Golden Hampster?
-What is with the tiny elephants and how big were these Komodos?
-What implications does this have for homonid ecology, migration,  and

Thank you
-Jonas Weselaek-George
Ottawa Paleontological Society