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Re: New Homo Species!!?

On 28/10/04 2:39 pm, "paleo@ncf.ca" <paleo@ncf.ca> wrote:

> I mean this is, ...Big, really Big!!
> This is probably up there with feathured dinosaurs in terms of impact.
> Paleoanthropologists are going to tear each other to bits over this for the
> next sixty years.
> So, I am thinking:
> -... is it real?
    I must say, I wondered about this too. _Homo erectus_ was already
smaller than _H. sapiens_ (but not *that* small) - perhaps LB1 was merely a
pathologically small specimen of _H. erectus_? But the Nature paper also
describes a radius from another, older specimen which is also of diminutive
proportions, so the case looks good for now. Funnily enough, just glancing
over the paper now I see mention that _H. florisiensis_ is megadont compared
to _sapiens_. So it may have been small, but it still had a face like a
    Are the tools proportionally smaller than those made by larger _Homo_
species? Elfshot, anyone :-)?

> -380cc, can you have language with that? (What is possible assuming this is
> a reduced specialization of language/fire capable humans and/or H. erectus),
> (does this imply recent post oldewan divergence?)
    I have no idea. But anyone who's read "Galapagos" by Kurt Vonnegut might
be considering at the moment, 'Thanks a lot, big brain!' (plot synopsis for
those who haven't read it: A small group of people is marooned on the
Galapagos Islands, shortly before mankind goes extinct in the rest of the
world. Over a million years, humans lose big brains, opposable thumbs and
all the other features that have supposedly lead to human ecological
dominance, but are not overly useful for surviving on the islands. Instead,
they become better-adapted, seal-like piscivores [though they do retain the
human character of finding farts funny]. The quoted line is ironic,
referring to all the 'advantages' of a large brain which are more trouble in
the long run than they're worth)

> -Possibly hafted tools, hafting implies a haft. Haft!
If you spell it backwards, it's 'tfah'. Tfah!

> -Is it possible this could be another Golden Hampster?
Golden Hampster? What do you mean?

> -What is with the tiny elephants and how big were these Komodos?
Ooooh, tiny little people hunting tiny little elephants.... The imagery is


        Christopher Taylor