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Re: New Homo Species!!?

> So, I am thinking:
> -... is it real?

Why not?

> -380cc, can you have language with that? (What is possible assuming this
> a reduced specialization of language/fire capable humans and/or H.

Erectus is reported to have lacked a type of language as we know it. Only
after ~400.000 years there is evidence that the ear could hear a
sophisticated type of language as we know it, though it was surely, and
obviously, different from ours. This is based on  recent research on the
temporal bones of the Sima de Los Huesos Homo
"heidelbergensis"/pre-Neanderthal skulls.

> (does this imply recent post oldewan divergence?)

The tools aren't Olduvan...and moreover, it appears that hand-axes for
example, are the result of human intellect adapting to a specific type of
environment in where the hand-axes where of better use than any other type
of tool (Langbroek, 2003)

> -What implications does this have for homonid ecology, migration,  and
> multi-regionalism?
Some...in my opinion this just proves that us humans are just as sensitive
to the evolutionary "rules" as other animals are. It does however have
implications for more discoveries in the future; we now know that it is
possible to find "extreme" humans on islands.