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Re: New Homo Species!!?

-380cc, can you have language with that? (What is possible assuming this
a reduced specialization of language/fire capable humans and/or H.

Erectus is reported to have lacked a type of language as we know it. Only
after ~400.000 years there is evidence that the ear could hear a
sophisticated type of language as we know it, though it was surely, and
obviously, different from ours.

I'd imagine so are birds, crocodiles, rabbits, bats, tigers, etc., but last I checked they could all communicate using airborne sound. How can a creature be known to lack language?I hear dogs talking to each other all night and birds having long range conversation by day. I don't imagine they're all just yelling obscenities that none of the responding individuals can understand. Shoot, mice have a wide variety of squeaks and squeal that obviously mean something, to them.