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Re: New Homo Species!!?

"Are the tools proportionally smaller than those made by larger _Homo_
species? Elfshot, anyone :-)?"

Interesting...the tools...

"> -Possibly hafted tools, hafting implies a haft. Haft!
If you spell it backwards, it's 'tfah'. Tfah!

> -Is it possible this could be another Golden Hampster?
Golden Hampster? What do you mean?"

This is how I heard the story:
An archeologist is said to have read about the hampster while translating
some ancient texts. He then decided to look for physical evidence of this
"ancient childrens pet" and while he was searching for bones in the dust of
an ancient city, he saw something run past.

A mere 13 domestic hampsters had somehow survived in the wild for many
generations years.

He brought them home with him and like good hampsters they "went forth and
multiplied" and that is why we have the hampster.

I can't help but wonder what tiny business suits would look like...
-Jonas Weselake-George