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Re: Club Homo

I went there and looked.  I had missed the graphic.

"The dimensions of the skull and skeleton of H. floresiensis fall well
outside the extremes seen in H. sapiens and the 'erectines' (a range of
hominin species, of which H. erectus is the most familiar). It is closer in
size to, but even smaller than, the australopithecines, of which the best
known example is Lucy"

This is flat out improbable.  Never mind which species has superior
functional ability, the importance of being charitable to the brain case
challenged, or whatever.   They appear to be saying that the Hobbits' brains
were - the size of a cat's?

I think either something is missing or we're going to have to wait until
they find a skull that wasn't teh consistency of mashed potatoes or blotter

Though I have wondered if brain size is everything.   Now, if all the facts
were here and they were accurate, I would think that probably in two closely
related species, brain size is a measure of functional intelligence.

But my budgies often appear far more intelligent than one would expect from
the size of their brains.   Even though at times they act exactly as
intelligent as their brain size would lead one to expect.   Dinosaur brain
structure must be very different than a human's.

I'm not just refering to the ability to mimic, understand, and appropriately
use simple speech.   That's been pinned down to the psittacine auditory
processing center, which is very advanced.   In fact, budgies can understand
400 pitches between two notes - I've been told.

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
The American Colonies
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> > Been there - it doesn't say how we know how large the hominid's brain
> > relative to its skull or to its body.
> Check out http://www.nature.com/news/specials/flores/index.html and scroll
down to Graphics and see Comparison of Homo skull and
> skeleton size.
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