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Re: Club Homo

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Dora Smith wrote:

> But my budgies often appear far more intelligent than one would expect from
> the size of their brains.   Even though at times they act exactly as
> intelligent as their brain size would lead one to expect.   Dinosaur brain
> structure must be very different than a human's.

i agree with that comment!  kind of explains why mammals weren't very big 
during the dino era!  imagine a six-foot predator with an african grey 
brain!  we would be SO dead!

also, now i am not a professional at all, so this may be a "duh", but 
aren't the discoverers pretty experienced people?  i know that, being a 
total linux computer geek, i know a lot of stuff just from experience, 
etc., but many people don't get it or don't think i really know that much 
and am wrong.  most people can't tell the difference between a pebble and 
a fossil, but the people who do REALLY do, correct?  or am i just giving 
paleontologists more credit than they deserve?  ;)

this is in no way meant to start any sort of flame war or anything like 
that.  i really don't know the answer to this.


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