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Dinosauria II recieved!

I just recieved my copy in the mail (I ordered direct from CA University 
Press), so they are shipping.

I flipped through the whole thing.  Here are my first impressions:

Some truly fantastic additions, like Tom Holtz' tyrannosaur section.  The 
inclusion of basal birds is also welcome addition.  The rewrites on general 
dinosaur paleobiology are more current, although I would quibble over some 
details.  The inclusion of current phylogenetic methods (i.e. cladograms) 
throughout is also appreciated.

A few niggles.  I wish they had gone further with updating many of the older 
illustrations from the first edition.  I know that most of those illustrations 
are lifted directly from original references, but some are so old that it would 
be less misleading to simply omit them if the time/funds could not be allocated 
to redo them.  On the plus side (illustratively), Hallet's cover illustration 
is gorgeous, and much improved scientifically over the illustration from D1.

Congrats to all involved for the mammoth task of updating this volume.  
Hopefully the remaining illustrations will be addressed when D3 comes out in 
2017-ish.  In the mean time, defintely a must-have resource.

Scott Hartman
Zoology & Physiology
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82070

(307) 742-3799