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RE: Dinosauria II recieved!

I got my copy today as well.

DRAT! I was hoping it wouldn't come out til the Holidays so I could con my parents into buying it for me as a Christmas present. Now I have to buy it myself...

Nice to hear some reviews but some questions real quick...

1) Are the chapters in pretty much the same format as the first edition? Not that they all had the same format, but... introduction, taxon list, anatomy, systematics? That about right?

2) Do any of the authors present alternate phylogenetic hypotheses besides their own? Cause for most of the groups mentioned there are at least 2 competing hypotheses, and some cases 3 or more!

3) Has anyone got the paperback edition? My paperback first edition from 1992 is still in good shape (minus some dogears) despite over a decade of use and about 6 or 7 moves. Does the new one seem about as good quality? All of my meager paychecks seem to go to health insurance I don't use, so $40 is a lot right now if I can save it.

Mike de Sosa

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