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RE: Dinosauria II recieved!

Michael de Sosa wrote-

1) Are the chapters in pretty much the same format as the first edition? Not that they all had the same format, but... introduction, taxon list, anatomy, systematics? That about right?

Every taxonomic chapter includes an unlabeled introduction, Definition and Diagnosis, Anatomy, Systematics and Evolution and the taxon list. There's also some combination of Function(al Morphology), Behavior, Paleoecology, (Paleo)biology, (Paleo/Historical)biogeography, (Bio)stratigraphy, and/or Taphonomy. Sauropods have a Historical Review, Basal Avialae have a Conclusion.

2) Do any of the authors present alternate phylogenetic hypotheses besides their own? Cause for most of the groups mentioned there are at least 2 competing hypotheses, and some cases 3 or more!

Nicely, the phylogenetic hypotheses are all generated from cladistic analyses this time. But yes, some authors (e.g. Basal Saurischia, Ceratosauria) explicitly present alternative phylogenies. Others (e.g. Basal Tetanurae, Sauropoda) mention varying placements for taxa in the Systematics and Evolution section. But the Prosauropoda chapter doesn't mention alternative placements for members of that volatile group, so there are exceptions.

Mickey Mortimer