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Erlikosaurus paper

Hi dear DML members!

  Could someone send me a scan or a copy of the following paper:

Clark, J.M., Perle A. and Norell, M.A. (1994). The skull of Erilkosaurus 
andrewski, a Late Cretaceous "Segnosaur" (Theropoda: Therizinosauridae) from 
Mongolia. Am. Museum Noviates 3115, 1-39.

   If someone are interesting I can exchange it with others papers in "pdf" 
format such as the origional description of Erlikosaurus (Perle, 1981). Sorry 
poor quality!

Thanks a lot in advance!

P.S. what is known for Erlikosaurus and Enigmosaurus besides their holotypes?

Gera Mirantsev
email: geramirantsev@mail.ru