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Chased by Dinosaurs

Is on right now, so it'll probably be on again later. But I have a question about this series. Are there more than one version of this? Because I have seen clips that apparently are from this feature, but nowhere in it do you actually see it. And I've watched it like 5 times so far.
One is on the top-front of the Chased by Dinosaurs box. It shows a mosasaur breaching the water to grab a pterosaur in the air. This also on Frametore's website (http://www.framestore-cfc.com/television/index.html)
Another depicts a Sarcosuchus grabbing an iguanodont in the water (http://www.framestore-cfc.com/television/wwd_specials/claw_giant/ index.html) and the other
The last, from that same page, depicts an allosaurid vs an iguanodont.

Are these cutting room floor clips, deleted sceners, or just stills?