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Re: Feathered Dinosaurs poster

The artist responsible for the majority of the work is actually Gabriel Lio.
He has a gallery at the Dinosauricon:
The feathered baby T. rex at the bottom of the poster is Mike Skrepnick's.


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> On Tuesday, August 31, 2004, at 07:25 PM, Biostrat wrote:
> > It says you can download a PDF of the draft.
> > Interesting - several of those illustrations have a very "Luis Rey"
> > look to them - are they? There is no artist credit with the web page.
> Looks more similar to Steve White's stuff
> (http://thunderlizard.gn.apc.org/prehist.html) to me, though not
> quite... Dang great poster though, whoever it's illustrated by! Gotta
> get my hands on one.
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