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Re: Ichthyornis paper

--- Christopher Taylor <ck.taylor@auckland.ac.nz> wrote:

> Julia has mis-interpreted this. _Ichthyornis dispar_ does indeed remain the
> type species of _Ichthyornis_, and will always be the type species. However,
> as _dispar_ is a junior synonym of _Graculavus anceps_, the name _anceps_
> still takes priority. Note that under the ICZN, genus and species names are
> separate units - the validity of a species name is not dependent on its
> generic assignment (beyond that it must have one). Another example of this
> is _Eohippus validus_ Marsh 1876, the type species of _Eohippus_ Marsh,
> 1876. This is a junior synonym of _Hyracotherium angustidens_ Cope, 1875.
> The correct name of the species is _Eohippus angustidens_; nevertheless, the
> type species is still _E. validus_.

Closer to (dinosaurian) home, we have the case of _Tarbosaurus bataar_:
_Tyrannosaurus_ Osborn 1905         = Genus (_Tyrannosaurus rex_ Osborn 1905)
_Tyrannosaurus rex_ Osborn 1905     = Species(CM 9380)
_Tyrannosaurus bataar_ Maleyev 1955 = Species(PIN 551-1)
_Tarbosaurus_ Maleyev 1955          = Genus(_Tarbosaurus efremovi_ Maleyev
_Tarbosaurus efremovi_ Maleyev 1955 = Species(PEN AN SSR 551-3)

So, if you want PEN AN SSR 551-3 to belong to a different genus than CM 9380
(as many do), then that genus is _Tarbosaurus_. But, if you think PIN 551-1 and
PEN AN SSR 551-3 belong to the same species (as many do), then the species name
with priority is _Tyrannosaurus bataar_. (I believe it has page priority.)

So, under these circumstances, the type species of _Tarbosaurus_ would be
_Tarbosaurus bataar_, senior subjective (or heterodefinitional) synonym of the
original type, _T. efremovi_.

Fun, right?

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