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Re: Adieu Ingenia

--- Mickey Mortimer wrote:
> Very interesting.  Ingenia is indeed in current use.
>  Qui and Huang (2001)
> described new remains and eggs they referred to
> Ingenia.  Lu's dissertation
> was on a specimen he refers to Ingenia.  Lu et al.
> (2002) later wrote a
> paper using this specimen as a basis for placing
> oviraptorosaurs in Avialae.
> Osmolska (2004) described the skull roof of a
> referred specimen of Ingenia.
> It's been used as an OTU in the phylogenetic
> analyses of the Theropod
> Working Group (eg. Norell et al., 2001; Clark et
> al., 2002; Makovicky et
> al., 2003; Hwang et al., 2004) and Maryanska et al.
> (2002).
> Incidentally, it has a subfamily associated with it
> as well.
> Anyone for expanding Heyuannia to include "Ingenia"
> yanshini, now that we
> know I. mirabilis exists?

Would you be kind enough to list what possible shared
features are between them? Oviraptorid phylogeny isn't
oft discussed except for the generalities that there
are some taxa that are oviraptorids (Oviraptor, GI
100/42, Citipati, Khaan, Ingenia, Heyuannia,
"Rinchenia", etc.).

Nick Gardner

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