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Paleocraft Tyrannosaur and Tyrannosaur diorama

Sean Cooper of Paleocraft, the acclaimed sculptor of beautiful scale models
of large extinct mammals, is finally working on some dinosaurs.  He's
currently working on a diorama in which an adult Tyrannosaur is preying on
a Triceratops, and will be depicted biting down on the neck of the fleeing
ceratopsian.  The diorama will also portray a juvenile Triceratops fleeing
the scene.

There are images of the armatures here:

Look down to the bottom of the page to see a maquette of the Tyrannosaur,
completed earlier.  It is being offered as a stand-alone sculpture.


He appears to have gotten the nostrils right.

Interesting stuff.  The diorama will probably make a pretty spectacular
display piece, though I doubt that Jack Horner will have one in his office.

I am not affiliated in any way with Paleocraft.


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