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Re: Adieu Ingenia

T. Michael Keesey wrote-

> Right. According to the pronunciation guide at
> http://dinosauria.com/dml/names/dinoi.htm, it should be pronounced
> "in-GAY-nee-a".

Huh.  And to think all this time I've been saying it "IN-jen-ee-uh", like in

Andy Farke wrote-

> Please, please, please, please, please be careful with this topic. If the
> name is indeed preoccupied, and the dinosaur does need to be renamed, it'd
> be fair to let Barsbold have the first crack at this. I will be royally
> torqued off at this list if I see a new name in the next issue of
> Prehistoric Times. . .

Agreed.  We need Phylocode's registration process more than ever, to stop
another Avgodectes debacle.

Are there any other Mesozoic dinosaurs in need of renaming?  I know
"Ischyrosaurus" is preoccupied, but that's been known for fifteen years, and
no one's bothered to do anything about it.

Mickey Mortimer
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