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Mamenchisaurus & Omeisaurus species questions

Hello All,

I was recently adding the species to the genera on my
website, I noticed how many species Mamenchisaurus &
Omeisaurus have. Are they all valid species of the
genera, or should some of them be in quotes and/or go
somewhere else? Here are the species I found-

Mamenchisaurus anyuensis
Mamenchisaurus constructus
Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis
Mamenchisaurus jingyanensis
Mamenchisaurus youngi
Omeisaurus changshouensis
Omeisaurus junghsiensis
Omeisaurus luoquanensis
Omeisaurus maoianus
Omeisaurus tianfuensis

Also, are there species I missed?

  Thanks in Advance,
      Steven Mahon

SCREEN NAMES -- theGERMANdragon, dinoboy219, stevensaurusrex
E-MAIL ADDRESS -- floridamahon@yahoo.com
PERSONAL E-MAIL ADDRESS -- coelurosaur912@yahoo.com

My latest Sauropodomorph analysis, w/ only cranial characters from two of 
Yates' 2003 analyses (T. caducus & Antetonitrus), gives me:
|--Herrerasaurus                        "Brontosauria"
`--+--Avepoda                            |--Plateosaurus
   `--Sauropodomorpha                    |--Coloradisaurus
      |--Saturnalia                      `--+--Lufengosaurus
      `--+--T. antiquus                     `--+--Massospondylus
         `--+--T. caducus                      `--+--Yunnanosaurus
            `--+--Efraasia                        `--Eusauropoda

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