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Barnum the rex isn't Dynamosaurus

Thanks to the links sent to me, it is clear that Barnum isn't the rest of 
"Dynaosaurus imperosus", not unless the diagnostic character is a tyrannosaurid 
with two left femora. I was always skeptical of the claims and checked 
carefully at the Natural History Museum in London. A detailed description of 
the "Dynamosaurus" holotype will be presented by me next year at the symposium 
"100 years of Tyranosaurus" to be held in Hill City, SD.  

As best I could determine from the limited archival data, Brown collected his 
specimen along Seven Mile Creek drainage somewhere in Sec. 14, 15 or 16, T 40N, 
R 63W, Niobrara County, Wyoming. Based on Brown's collecting habits, I was 
skeptical that he would leave anything behind, especially since he knew he had 
a new, very large theropd. Barnum is just another Tyrannosaurus from the 
general vicinity of "Dynamosaurus".