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Re: Adieu Ingenia

On 5/9/04 9:43 pm, "Jaime A. Headden" <qilongia@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Mickey Mortimer (mickey_mortimer111@usc.edu) wrote:
> <Anyone for expanding Heyuannia to include "Ingenia" yanshini, now that we
> know I. mirabilis exists?>
> There are a few courses of action, depending on useage: suppression of
> the nematode *Ingenia* in favor of the theropod (not a fan),

    There would probably be no grounds for the suppression of _Ingenia_
Gerlach 1957. It's a pretty clear-cut name, has not been entered into
synonymy with anything as far as I know, and while free-living nematodes do
tend to be somewhat obscure beasties with few enthusiasts, it has cropped up
on a few occasions. Any case made for suppression would essentially just be
a case of populist vertebrate heavies weighing in on poor little

> Since Barsbold is apparently a co-author of the oviraptorosaur chapter of
> _the Dinosauria II_, we may just have to wait what _official_ action may

    It sounds like Dr. Barsbold is probably aware of the preoccupation, and
any new name should be at his disgression. There is no kudos in attaching
one's name to someone else's work.


        Christopher Taylor