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about a southern mega fossil site, their web page

Hello, DML readers.

I'm happy to present the new version of the Proyecto
Dino web page. The first version of the page was
uploaded 2 years ago, and now the new version is
Here you can see the largest paleontologic excavation
carried out in South America. New remains of the
theropod dinosaurs Megaraptor and Unenlagia have been
discovered in this site, and lots of new dinosaur
material, one of them a giant form, "Futalognkosaurus
dukei", a 35 meters long titanosaur. Crocodilians,
Chelonians,fishes and plants are recovered to.
Additionally, information and great new images of lots
of Patagonian dinosaurs are available in the site.
Actually the page is only in Spanish language
The direction is:



Rubén Darío Juárez Valieri

Centro Paleontológico Lago Barreales
  Neuquén, Argentina.
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
  Córdoba, Argentina.

Dirección Postal:
  Tomás Godoy Cruz Nº 2771
  Bª Las Magnolias, CP: 5008
  Córdoba, Argentina

Dirección electrónica:
  rubendjuarez@yahoo.com.ar ó rbenglo@hotmail.com

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